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The Next Generation of Lending Software

Meet the changing needs of your clients with our loan origination and servicing solutions. Miren offers a various solutions that will best suit the needs of your institution and clients! 


Loan Origination

Stand up loan applications that are mobile-friendly and available in multiple languages, track the progress of applications and generation closings documents with one-click with Miren!

Loan Servicing

After closing, track payment progress, adjust rates and due dates, and extend a user-friendly portal for your borrows to stay up-to-date with their outstanding debts. Miren makes it easy!

End-to-End Platform

Do you want to provide an even better service to your clients? Are you just moving your lending services online? You can save your team 20+ hours/week with Miren and wow your clients!

Ready to Empower Your Team?

Miren developed it's platform with insights from 100's of lenders and potential loan applicants. We pride ourselves in truly understanding the painpoints that arise in originating and servicing loans. That's why we know that our platform can truly transform your team and institution!

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