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"Finally, a tool made for Us!"

Miren's end-to-platform helps CDFIs and microlenders amplify their impact by streamlining loan intake, servicing and portfolio management. Spend more time with clients, let us worry about the small stuff!

Our platform was built after conversations with 100's of CDFI lending and microlenders teams. That's why our tools actually meet your needs. Best of all, onboard in less than 3 business days -- no consultants, no IT outsourcing necessary!

With these Features, You'll be Unstoppable!

Real-Time Reports for Funders & Your Team

Track jobs retained and created, demographic data, and other metrics for easy reporting.

Interested in the progress of your loan portfolio? We have easy to use dashboards to let you view your loan portfolio and dry powder in real time.

Built-In CRM

Track every client and touchpoint via our client relationship management tool. Best of all, avoid copying-and-pasting information or re-asking clients for information you already have.

Ready to Empower Your Team to Do More?

Track Application Progress & Missing Documents

View the progress of application from the very start. From your list of required documents, we remind applicants of missing documents via email, text, or WhatsApp and track their progress. 

For applicants who need extra assistance, begin and application with them.

With Miren, all your client-facing forms are available in their native-language. We make it that easy to serve your clients. Spanish? Fácil. Somali? Fudud.

Loan-Servicing That is Actually Easy to Use

Miren offers a Borrower Portal and Payments Ledger to allow your clients and teams to stay up-to-date with your loan portfolio.

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