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CDFIs, Credit Unions — You do good. Let us help you do even better!

We understand the value that you bring to your community and your clients, and we want to help you amplify your impact.

Best of all, onboard in less than 3 business days!

Onboarding & Relationship Managment

Learn about the needs of your clients through our inquiry forms and application portals. Manage your relationships with them and keep track of your touchpoints and their application statuses using our out-of-box CRM solution.

Native-Language First Application Portal

Our application portal allows you to empower a client to complete a loan application in a language they feel the most comfortable with. Aside from this, we offer automated reminders via email, SMS, or WhatsApp so that clients can remember to submit additional documentation or pick off where they left off in their application process.

Loan Management 

Studio Portrait

Every step of the way, our platform is here for you. From loan inquiry to closing to full repayment, we can help you stay organized and worry less about the everyday, manual tasks, so that you can spend more time relationship-building and on tasks that drive value.

Reports & Analytics 

Gather insights into your portfolio performance, the impact your team creates for the community and the satisfaction of your clients.

Ready to Empower Your Team to Do More ?

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