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Pilot Program

Miren is just getting started, and we are providing a handful of lenders exclusive access to grow with us. 

New Feature Development

Currently we offer a CRM and small business application in multiple languages. Over the next few weeks we will push out new reporting and fund management features for loan servicing. As a pilot participant, we will use your feedback to enhance and prioritize new features.


Onboard in Days, Not Months

Onboard in no time. We release new features every week and can white-label our platform for you in a matter of days. We are happy to make customizations for your organization!


A Superb Team at Your Disposal

As part of our pilot program, you will receive 24/7 support from our team. You will be 1 of 2 CDFI clients for the next four months. Your feedback will directly impact our feature development and prioritization. 

Let's Work Together

Interested in learning more? Email Gaby at!

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