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Our Mission

We are expanding access to financing capital for small businesses across the US. 

Our team is challenging traditional credit score modelling and creating a new way to evaluate the risk profiles of small businesses. We empower community development financial institutions (CDFIs) and credit unions to drive more impact with our platform and build risk data sets for community banks to better evaluate the best borrowers without observing credit scores.


Are you ready to build a better future for those that drive the backbone of our economy? Join us!

Our Culture & Values

Build for Inclusivity & with Empathy

We build products for the thousands of small businesses and financial institutions currently underserved by fintechs. Let's understand their needs and create solutions to address those needs.

Create Value & Drive Innovation

With whatever we work on, we consider how we will measure the success and the impact of what we build. We are small and nimble, so we must remain focused on how to drive value in ways others cannot.

Remember Time is Limited

Our mission is a big one, so while we can make every attempt to boil the ocean, we need to act promptly and with intention to work efficiently and effectively to create impact and change.

Be Truly Curious & Authentic

Simply put -- keep it real, bring every part of you to work, and never stop your urge to pursue a curiosity. Every one of us has a different story, background and interests, and we love that. It's the only way we are going to build the best, most inclusive solutions for our clients.

Message From the Founder

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