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Meet the next generation of lending software. Miren's solutions are each curated for CDFIs, microlenders, credit unions, and community banks.

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Originate loans with our multilingual application portal, automate reminders and messages, and maintain client relationships and progress of current applications using our CRM. Your team deserves the best solutions that can help you better serve your clients and reduce customer service inquiries.

Do More Everyday with Our Loan Origination Features

A built-in CRM, application and inquiry forms, and automated reminders via email, text, or WhatsApp make it easier to move an application to decrease time to decision and increase throughput rates. Our client-facing forms are also available in multiple languages.

Tap Into Your Client's Financial Health

Based on your underwriting needs and the comfort of your clients, we make it easier to access the cash flow and revenue of the your clients and their businesses.

Service Loans & Manage Your Portfolio with Ease

Our white-labelled sleek borrower portal, payments ledger, and dashboards make it easy to reduce customer service requests and access real-time data on your portfolio.

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